Who We Are?


PRP Pharmaceuticals & Health Products is a pharmaceutical company established in 2011, based in Istanbul, operating in the healthcare sector. Aiming to support healthy living and treatment through careful consideration of raw material selection and relevant values, it conducts its activities towards providing high-quality products. Our company evaluates the advantage of its entrepreneurs being healthcare professionals, and prepares its products with the support of expert physicians, pharmacists, senior chemists, and food engineers.

Since our establishment, our expert team has closely followed academic research and clinical studies to produce products based on the most current scientific developments. As of 2024, we have started manufacturing our products in our own facilities, thereby further strengthening our quality control processes. In addition to our own brands, we also manage all processes from design to production for our business partners.

Our company, which started its activities with Derinex dermocosmetic products, has increased its product variety over the years and entered the dietary supplement sector with Vimex brand. After establishing our own production facilities, our company continues to increase its new product development efforts.

Our company, aiming to produce pharmaceuticals as fast as possible, is also conducting studies on some generic formulations.


At PRP Pharmaceuticals Health Products, we have a deep consciousness regarding the preservation of natural resources and their sustainable usage. We develop high-quality products supported by scientific research, keeping pace with the changing needs of the modern era and innovative approaches in the healthcare field. With these products, we aim to increase our customers' health and well-being, providing support in their daily lives. Each of our products is meticulously designed to serve the goal of improving the overall health of the community.


We have a vision to represent the Turkish pharmaceutical industry on the international stage and be recognized as a global brand. In line with this goal, we aim to take a leading role in the sector with innovative products and research, showcasing Turkey's achievements in the pharmaceutical industry worldwide and expanding the boundaries of the sector. We aspire to establish a bridge from Turkey to the world, becoming influential in the international health market with quality and innovation.


Quality, trust, and innovation are the cornerstones of PRP Pharmaceuticals. We adhere to the highest quality standards at every stage of our products, and we are committed to transparency and reliability in all our processes. Continuously striving for improvement and innovation, we keep abreast of the latest technologies and scientific developments in the healthcare sector and integrate them into our products. With these values, we aim not only to make a difference locally but also on a global scale in the healthcare sector.